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Practical Intellectual Property Strategy

Our focus is on helping our clients create an Intellectual Property Strategy with a competitive advantage. Your business may already have an IP strategy but it may not be documented and it may be limited to “we keep our know-how secret”; there may be better ways to protect it and create value for the business. Very often our role is about helping clients understand the way to look for the value out of what they already have, and what options for protection and monetisation are open to them.

We help businesses devise and implement appropriate intellectual property strategies to suit the budget and needs of each business. Our clients range in size from sole inventors to SME’s to multinationals.  Many of our clients have been looking for funding and creating a written IP strategy document highlighted the care they had taken to protect their intangible assets and protect their shareholders interests.

We work with companies to assess whether they may be eligible to make use of the UK’s Patent Box Tax relief. This tax relief was introduced in 2013 and enable s companies that have profits which arise from the use of a patented product or process to be taxed at significantly reduced tax rates. Current UK Corporation tax is between 20% and 23% depending on the size of profits. The tax relief is being phased in from 2013, but from 2017 100% of the qualifying profits will be subject to a 10% rate of tax.

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